MJ Interiors have been in business now for nearly 11 years. Our business entails the re-trimming of car interiors. Our specialist area involves the re-trimming of cars in leather. All the leather we use comes from the very finest Northern European hides that have been specially manufactured and finished for the automobile industry. Every piece of leather is individually constructed in the traditional way by highly skilled trimmers who thrive on quality and perfection. All our work is guaranteed and has the Guild of Master Craftsmen's stamp of Quality.

We also do a considerable amount of work in the very popular material, Alcantara. Which is a luxurious man-made material, very much resembling suede, but extremely easy to clean. We also do a considerable amount of repair work in cloth and leather for both individual customers and trade, but our main line of business is producing individual leather installations for the individual private customer.

However, we are more than happy to take orders from the business or trade sector of the market, but we do not mass produce interiors and have no intention of doing so. As stated earlier we construct the vast majority of our work on an individual basis and therefore, the cars we work on cover the entire spectrum of vehicles seen on our roads. We have no intention either of expanding, as we are very happy to continue to provide our customers with the personal service they receive at the moment, matched with top quality workmanship which meets their unique requirements.

Many customers have won prizes for their interiors, so you can be certain that the quality and service you get from us is of a very high standard. We can achieve any look you require, and provide any colour of leather you desire. But please note, if you require a precise colour match this usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to produce, so if you need your interior completing for a particular date, please order in plenty of time to avoid any unnecessary disappointment.

You can either leave your car with us until the job is completed or send your interior to us. We are able to provide a fully insured collection and delivery service, please ask for details. However, if you are unable to do either of these we are fully insured to collect your vehicle and return it to you once the work is completed. Our premises are fully insured enabling us to carry out your requirements with your mind at ease.